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Welcome to King Tree Media, your creative partner in visual storytelling. As a dynamic production company, we specialise in producing engaging video content tailored to the unique needs of brands, businesses, and organisations. Led by award-winning filmmaker Paireac Keane, we transform ideas into visually stunning narratives that leave a lasting impact. We pride ourselves on seamlessly blending creativity and strategy to deliver compelling videos that resonate with audiences.

At King Tree Media, we don’t just stop at commercial content – we’re also proud creators of award-winning short films and documentaries. Our mission is to tell stories that move, inspire, and entertain audiences worldwide, challenging perceptions and fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. 

Discover the power of visual storytelling with King Tree Media.



Paireac Keane is an award-winning Filmmaker, Video Content Creator, and certified Drone Operator driven by a profound passion for visual storytelling. 

In 2015, after many years of working as a freelance videographer, the Offaly man established King Tree Media, a production company committed to crafting films, documentaries, and high-quality video content. Since launching his business venture, Keane has successfully delivered hours of compelling video content for various clients, including brands, businesses, SMEs, video agencies, and local authorities.

As a filmmaker, Keane has achieved notable success on the Irish and International Film Festival circuits. His debut short film, A TIMELY GIFT (2017), secured him a Rising Star Award at the 12th Underground Short Film Awards. While his follow-up film, WORMHOLE IN THE WASHER (2021), amassed numerous accolades at film festivals, including Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Film, and Best Editor.

As a video content creator, Keane revels in every facet of the production process, embracing the creative aspects of writing, the technical challenges of shooting, and the magic of editing, where the elements seamlessly converge to narrate a compelling story. Recognising that every business, brand, and organisation has a unique narrative, Keane embraces the challenge of discovering the most impactful way to tell that story.

Away from his filmmaking pursuits, he can be found strategising over his fantasy football team, attempting 5K runs, or roleplaying with his wonderfully imaginative four-year-old, aka Spiderman.


LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest, 2023

Nominee, Best International Short Film


First Contact Film Festival, 2023

Winner, Best Live Action Short Film

Winner, Best Foreign Film

Winner, Best First Contact Film

Winner, Best Director

Winner, Best Editing

Nominee, Best Screenplay


May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Festival, 2023

Winner, Best Screenplay

Nominee, Best Irish Short Film


Underground Cinema Film Awards, 2022

Winner, Best Comedy

Winner, Best Editor

Nominee, Best Short Film

Nominee, Best Director

Nominee, Best Screenplay


Dublin International Comedy Film Festival, 2022

Winner, Best Director

Nominee, Best Short Film


Unrestricted View Film Festival, 2022

Nominee, Best Comedy


GenreBlast Film Festival, 2022

Nominee, Best Sci-Fi Short Film


Elba Film Festival, 2022

Nominee, Best Editing


Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival, 2021

Winner, Best Comedy

Nominee, Best Director


Richard Harris Film Festival, 2021

Nominee, Best Overall Short Film


Flickers’ Rhode Island International Short Film Festival, 2021



Underground Cinema Film Awards, 2018

Winner, Rising Star Award